Omega Replica Watches's Double Chronographs: Marvels of Engineering

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Omega Replica Watches has always tried to make the most of traditional complications while still making them more affordable. This was achieved with the amazing fully synchronized perpetual clock designed by Kurt Klaus. It also did it with its modular minute repeater mechanism as well as its mysterious tourbillon. Kurt Klaus, the brand's former technical chief, Revolution hall of honoree and watchmaking legend, says, "Omega Replica Watches has always pursued functional innovation." Although the split seconds chronograph is a remarkable complication, it required a Rolex Submariner Replica lot of fine tuning in order to set up correctly. They were also fragile and vulnerable to damage.

Maria Habring, Richard Habring's wife

How did Omega Replica Watches make the Split Seconds chronograph the most revolutionary in its evolution? Richard Habring, a young engineer who would create the Bourdon tube depth gauge that Omega Replica Watches Deep One uses, had the idea.

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How a Split Seconds Work

To understand the challenges, let's take a look at how a split second chronograph works. The split second bridge is located at the top of the chronograph movement. It features the splitseconds wheel and split seconds brake mechanism. They look like two pincers. The split seconds button triggers a column wheel, or Omega Seamaster 007 Replica Watches in the case Omega Replica Watches, a switch cam. This causes the pincers clamp down on the wheel. This causes the split second wheel to freeze.

All that is clear. How do you get the split second hand to match the running chronograph? This is where magic happens. The chronograph second hand and the split second hand are normally locked together. The split wheel has a return lever that is attached to the chronograph wheel. This cam is a heart-shaped cam. The lever will continue to run around the edge the heart cam until the split second wheel stops. It is fitted with a jeweled roll. The spring bar tensions the return lever. The spring-loaded return lever is under tension from a spring bar.

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