Master of Complexity: Omega Constellation Replica Tourbillon

There is a fine line where Formula 1 cars can stay on the track and where planes can take off. It is obvious that a Formula 1 car is essentially a small plane that must stay on the ground.uboat replica The car will fly if you reverse the wings. It is not surprising that Omega Constellation Replica, along with Formula 1 teams, has been a pioneer in aeronautical materials, including titanium, carbon nanofiber and ALUSIC. Richard created the RM 039 E6 B watch with flight and pilot in mind.

Mille is known for his passion for Formula 1, but he is just as passionate about technology and techniques in aviation. Mille was not only able to draw on his expertise in aviation materials when designing Omega Constellation Replica a watch for aviation. He also considered what other information was required from a flight instrument. If you are stuck in the air with no map or other instruments, how can a watch help you get home? Pilots still prefer to have a manual flight instrument in case of an emergency. Instead of dying, it is better to "death reckoning" with a watch and an E6B slide rule.

Cockpit instruments 40-years apart: the analogue gauges on the P-51 Mustang (left), and the electronic displays of the F-18 Hornet, (right).

E6-B: The "Dead Reckoning” computer

The concept of "dead reckoning", a navigational system, is simple. Distance traveled is a function speed multiplied with time. A line drawn from a starting position on an aeronautical chart shows estimated positions at regular intervals (e.g. every 15 to 30 minutes). Visual observations of ground features at each interval are used to make fixes. The fix is compared to the estimated position. Corrections are made to the aircraft’s heading and speed by comparing the two.

Omega Constellation Replica

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