We have been recently associated with Metall-FX. Metall-FX is a British team of highly skilled artisans specializing in the application of real metal finishes to virtually any substrate. They are working closely with interior designers, architects and artists in order to ensure that creativity is never compromised and that always can provide the guidance and expertise required to deliver truly magnificent results.
Their projects can vary from decorative light fittings and sculptures to one-off doors, screens and staircases, which already captivated the attention of the professionals in Kuwait.
As they developed revolutionary products that allow us to coat a huge range of surfaces and materials including sheet and prefabricated metals, wood, MDF, plaster, plasterboard, glass, fiberglass, concrete, paper, plastic, polystyrene, fabric with a solid veneer of cold spray metal, our specialist area being bespoke metallic finishes. They also have the facility to prepare the substrates for you in GRP Glass Reinforced Polyester and we offer CNC and hand carving services.

Through we offer bespoke metal coating services with an almost unlimited variety of metals. Using our highly secretive and phenomenally versatile process we are able to work with the imagination of its customers to create a range of metal coatings on an array of surfaces.
We apply a veneer of a metal coating to the surface which gives the appearance and feel of solid metal. Our trained skilled artisans can turn around your projects in our workshop, but we also offer the unique possibility of working on site.
Metall-FX has created hundreds of stunning metal effects for many diverse projects including:
  • Bathrooms Floors
  • Conference rooms Gates & balustrades
  • Contemporary offices Reception areas
  • Decorative doors & screens Retail spaces
  • Decorative staircases Shop fronts
  • Film props & sets Swimming pools
Brian Eatwell, the inventor of this process, works in-house to deliver surface decoration solutions to the diverse challenges of our clients.

The almost magical properties of the Metall-FX product mean that you can choose from dozens of pure metals and alloys, then choose a different texture, color, and have it finished in a manner totally unique to you.
From the shop frontage of the worlds most famous department store, to works of art, sculptures and furniture inside the most chic international properties. Architectural applications, metal facades, bespoke metallic finishes, doorways, staircase railings and props for major Hollywood films such as the Harry Potter series for Warner Brothers. This is the magic of Metall-FX; what could only once be imagined, can now be achieved.
Metall-FX finishes have also been approved for the use in the aviation industry as it has passed the fire and smoke test conducted by Virgin Atlantic. The amazing metallic finishes are currently on an accelerated weather test and at present they are beyond 25 years durability.
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