In the early 1990s Halspan developed an entirely new way of constructing doors using a unique 3-layer particle board. It took the industry by storm and hasn’t been bettered since.
Halspan was also the first company to offer a full range of testing. Halspan have tested every conceivable door configuration and mode and they’ve stayed firmly at the forefront of the industry, continually exploring and developing new products to make our door sets the safest – and best – you can specify.
Today, Halspan is one of the world’s leading suppliers of quality door set components – everything from the door itself to seals, hardware and our innovative Halspan Guardia finger guard system.

Halspan doors are now in every division from educational, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, commercial, residential, retail and Government buildings all over the world. Halspan supplies everything from the door itself, to Steel Door Frames, seals, hardware and glass.
Consistent production techniques are a good starting point. Whenever you specify a Halspan door, absolute consistency and total quality are assured. Talking of quality, you will find the same high standards apply to Halspan’s technical support. From the manuals we produce to the expert advice offered over the phone, it’s the entire same triple AAA standard.
It’s this technical expertise, combined with a total commitment to quality, across the entire product range that really sets Halspan apart.

Simple to specify, competitively priced and universally respected around the globe, Halspan door sets tick all the right boxes.
You might have thought that their superior fire resistance performance would come at a price, such as restricted choice or limited aesthetic.
The latest addition to Halspan’s premium quality range of door set components, Halspan Guardia finger guard is a revolutionary alternative to traditional hinged doors, and much more cost-effective and reliable option than unsightly plastic hinge guards. All of Halspan’s raw materials come from sustainable, managed sources and our doors are FSC and PEFC Chain of Custody certified.

For more information please click here www.halspan.com

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